Betsy Woods

Betsy Woods, CD(DONA)

Just Doula It

I always held an interest in all things childbirth, and I decided to make it a career soon after the birth of my son, Ty, born in 2005 I gave birth to him naturally, without the use of an epidural (but with the use of a fabulous doula!) My wonderful, gentle, loving doula helped my husband and I both feel so empowered and enriched by our birth experience, I knew I wanted to do something to help couples have the experience they hope for, and create lasting and positive memories for years to come. I began the certification process in May of 2005, and from that moment on, I knew I was in for a career change!

I am committed to this profession because I really believe that the birth culture in our society needs to change. We live in the information age, but so many people choose to sit back and let a birth “happen” to them just because that’s the way they were told it’s “supposed” to be. I love meeting with moms and couples, and hearing them express what they want for their birth, and then supporting them and seeing that birth experience become their own story that’s right for them. Doula work really comes from the heart. I feel so lucky to be able to support families and mothers in this special time in their lives.

Overall, I believe pregnancy and childbirth is a natural and normal process, not a medical condition. I encourage and support women wanting natural childbirth, but I am also comfortable working with all mothers-to-be and their ideal birth plan, whether it is non-medicated or medicated. I will help educate moms so that they understand the risks and benefits of each intervention so that they can choose the options that fit into their ideal birth plan. I believe every woman should have continuous support during her labor and birth, and every woman who wants one should have a doula present. I look forward to supporting and nurturing women and their families in the miracle of childbirth, ensuring positive feelings and blissful memories of their birth experience.

I truly love what I do; I am constantly keeping current on all things birth-related and finding ways to support couples in a better way, whether that be through education, keeping a pulse on the birth community here in Madison, or thinking of new ideas to help my students better prepare themselves in my classes.

In addition to this passion, I’m also fortunate to be a mother to two beautiful, naturally-birthed, breastfed boys who keep me running ALL the time!

Services / Skills

Lending library, video loans, relaxation/visualization instruction, massage during labor, Bradley Method Childbirth classes (group or individual), c-section support, and VBAC support.


Bradley Method Childbirth Provisional Instructor, DONA doula training, Certified Doula with Dona


Doula 2005-present, Provisional Bradley Childbirth instructor 3/07-present, breastfeeding mother of two. I’m an active volunteer for “Operation Special Delivery,” a doula volunteer program for mothers with husbands overseas.

Births attended

Self 2, as doula 10.

Betsy can be reached at 608-497-0201 or Or view my website at

— September 4, 2007