Diana Brazell

Diana Brazell

Reach Out Birth Services

Life is a journey. Your birth journey means reaching out and mine is to take your hand, in order to make a real difference by increasing the satisfaction with your birth and contributing to a safer outcome. Detailed information and references available by mail upon request. Will travel to you. Cary Hellenbrand, Heidi Anderson and I work as a team in order to provide comfortable and familiar back-up in case of a long labor.

Services / Skills

Conduct comprehensive prenatal visits, consult on birth plans, prepare/ review information on the birth process, have a lending library, unlimited phone consults, assist with early labor at home, continuous assistance to mother and birth partner through labor and delivery with immediate post-delivery support and lactation assistance, post-delivery check-ups and a two-week post-delivery visit. Trained and experienced in labor and birth processes; position, movement, relaxation, breathing, massage, birth partner participation, emotional reassurance, communication and comfort.


Special Education and Communications, Eastern Michigan University. Courses in Yoga relaxation, self-hypnosis, acupressure, crisis counseling, lactation, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress, grieving, crisis pregnancy. Project Rachael training; Bradley Method Childbirth Classes; basic homeopathy; 1997 DONA doula training, 2002 DONA Doula Advanced Training; numerous DSW enrichment meetings.


Volunteer labor coach; volunteer crisis counselor; consumer advocacy; DONA member; six plus years doula experience.

Births attended

Self, two; other, five; as doula, 106.

Diana will be on leave from March 7, 2007 through October 30, 2007. She can be reached at 608-271-8766 orĀ dianabrazell@aol.com. You can obtain services from her business partners Heidi Anderson, 608-438-1494, or Cary Hellenbrand, 608-241-0752.