JoAnn Skloot

JoAnn Skloot

For 26 years I was a pre-school teacher. Children 3-5 are wonderfully fun. I enjoyed working with the children and their families. Now I begin a new connection with children and families as a doula. Helping women give birth in a safe and comfortable environment is something that every woman deserves. Every birth is unique, and I can guide you and your loved ones through this amazing experience, providing assurance that your needs and wishes will be respected. Together, we will create the environment where physical and emotional support will assure the kind of birth that you want. Starting life is a momentous event!


Three years of university, 26 years of early childhood education workshops; DONA Doula Training and “Fearless Birthing” workshop; DONA member.


I am a mentor for a young girl. I have been her mentor since she was 5 years old and she is now 14 years old. During crisis times in her family, I have been a mentor to her entire family.

Births attended

Self, two; as Doula three.

JoAnn can be reached at 608-231-1521 orĀ