Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Wisdom Birthing Doula Services

I believe that the wisdom to birth is within each & every woman. As a doula, I hope to help you “tap” into your inner knowledge to have the birth you desire. I will work with you (& a support person) to achieve your birth goals throughout the entire pregnancy; birth process. I offer prenatal visits, labor support at home, a lending library, a birth ball, phone support. Giving birth is something that women remember for their entire lives. I want to help make it the best memory possible.

Services / Skills

Massage during labor, VBAC support, lending library, birth ball, physical and mental support during labor, initial breastfeeding assistance; then breastfeeding referrals, prenatal visits; phone support.


BA in religious studies; women’s studies, DONA doula training in the of fall 2002, Birthing From Within childbirth class in the spring of 2003; childbirth class with the Madison Birth Center in the summer of 2003; Bradley childbirth class as an expectant parent; crisis counseling.


I have served as an advocate for a variety of women’s issues for nearly 10 years. Doula since the spring of 2003.

Births attended

Self, two; as Doula 32; other, one.

Laura is taking clients with due date of June 15, 2007 or later. She can be reached at 608-235-1415 orĀ

— August 2, 2007