Tammy L. Soderlig

Tammy L.Soderlig

Empowering Birth Services

As a woman, and mother to three wonderful children, I have experienced disappointments and joys during birth. Having experiences that left me feeling powerless and alone and then one that was so joyous I wish I could relive it over and over again. It is the joyous birth experiences that I want to help other women achieve. I provided support to the mother, father, and any friend or family members attending the birth. It is my goal for everyone involved to walk away from each birth with beautiful, lasting memories.

I believe that every woman is entitled to a peaceful birth in which she can relax and feel confident in the care she will be given. Knowing her beliefs and values will not be inflicted upon, but instead will be carefully guarded and respected during the memorable event in her life.

It is my belief that giving birth is a sacred rite of passage. Every woman should be able to do it her own way. We all know that certain things are completely out of our control when we are giving birth. But then there are those things that we can take hold of and manipulate to our advantage. It is those things that are very important to focus on — the things that we can control and want to control. I believe that a woman who is in active labor should never feel like her rights have been taken away from her because she is too busy working hard to bring her child into this world. I will do everything in my power to give the type of support that will help prevent these things from happening. Each birth I attend is a remarkable gift and I am humbled that it has been given to me. Your needs and your beliefs are my priority.

Services / Skills

Lending library; prenatal massage; relaxation/visualization help; massage during labor; VBAC support; Bellycasting and painting.


I completed DONA Doula training in April of 2005 and a Birth Training Course at Madison Birth Center in March of 2005. I am currently persuing Hypnobirth training.


I learn from each birth that I am blessed to attend. There are no two the same. I am proud to be a Small Miracles Volunteer Birth Doula.

Births attended

Self, three (one cesarean and two VBACs); as doula, 33.

Tammy can be reached at 608-837-7826 or 608-220-8836 or empoweringbirths1@yahoo.com.

Doulas Around the State

Doulas Around the State


Dana Churness
Birth Doula
Ashland, WI 54806
eMail: northwoodsdoula@riseup.net
I am available to pregnant women living in the Bayfield/Washburn/Ashland area. I focus on serving women who seek an empowering birth experience. Please call or email me with questions!

Fond Du Lac County

The Lady’s Hands Doula Service
Sue Blevens – CD (DONA), CLD (CAPPA)
Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Belly Casting and More
Website: http://www.lhdoula-service.com

Milwaukee Area

Maggie Graff,CD(DONA) International

Birth Doula / Private Childbirth Classes
Website: http://www.doulablessings.com
eMail: doulablessings@juno.com I am willing and able to attend births in Milwaukee, Mequon, West Bend and Sheboygan.

Milwaukee Area

Michelle Hardy M.S., CLD, CD (DONA), CCCE
TLC Doula and Educational Services
Labor Doula / Postpartum Doula / Childbirth Educator / Massage Therapist
Website: http://www.mdhardy.net/tlcdoula.html
eMail: tlcdoula@mdhardy.net

Milwaukee Area

Josephine Sable
Peace in Birth
Birth Doula
DONA trained doula
eMail: peaceinbirth@gmail.com
I serve clients in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington and Racine Counties.

Milwaukee — C.A.R.E. Network

C.A.R.E. Network
Birth and Postpartum Doulas
Website: http://www.milwaukeedoulas.org
eMail: doulas@ticon.net


Tiffany Vollrath
EmbraceableSound, LLC
Birth Doula
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Home: 920-303-9567
Cell:     920-716-1018
eMail: jtvoll@sbcglobal.net

Catherine Bolden

Catherine Bolden, CD, PCD(DONA)

Second Wind Birth Services

I am a birth and postpartum doula certified with DONA! The birth of a child changes a family’s life dramatically. The events of a baby’s birth significantly effects his or her parent’s perception of themselves and their newborn. As a birth doula, I support and encourage the woman and her partner so that they may have the kind of birth they want. I help the family understand their options when asked to make decisions, so that they are able to make the choice that is right for the mom and her family. I have special interest working with women wanting a VBAC, women with preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

The transition a family makes with the addition of a child can be a very stressful time. As a postpartum doula, I help to ease the strain during the adjustment period. I provide intermittent care for older siblings, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more, all as needed. I have lots of experience working with babies with special needs. I have a very flexible schedule that allows me to provide services on short notice. I would love to help you and your family!

I have personal experience working prenatally, birthing and raising a child with Down Syndrome. For families that learn their child has Trisomy 21, I have the ability to help. I can assist the family to understand how this diagnosis will change their pregnancy, change their birth experience and I have many resources to help the family once the child is born.

Services / Skills

Lending library; sibling support; postpartum care; relaxation and visualization; infant, prenatal and labor massage; photography; prenatal and postnatal yoga experience and more.


DONA approved birth and postpartum doula training . Mother of three. DONA Conference attendance. Extensive breastfeeding experience, including working with special challenges.


Two plus years of doula work, mother of three. DONA Conference attendance. Extensive breastfeeding experience, including working with special challenges.

Births attended

Self, three; as doula, 25.

Catherine can be reached at 608-217-7738 or 608-437-5973 or crbolden@mac.com.

Come to Meet Our Doulas!

Meet Our Doulas!


Whole Foods Market
3313 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53705
1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.
next meeting date to-be-announced

Are you pregnant right now or do you expect to be someday?

Do you wonder or worry about that birth? A doula can help!

Several doulas come to each of our meetings. We allow plenty of time for you to make personal contact with the doulas present. We will also have information about how to contact the other doulas in our association. There is a doula in our group who will be right for you. She can help you have the birth you desire.

Sometimes Dads are worried that a doula will take their place but that is not the case. You may be surprised to learn that Dads love doulas even when they aren’t sold on the idea at first!


— June 9, 2007

Hannah Bernard – Donals

Hannah Bernard -Donals

I have confidence in each woman to manage her labor and to parent her child(ren). I will support you through my presence, my words and my actions during both the unfamiliar and possibly troubling moments and the jubilant, joyous times before, during and after your baby joins your family. As an experienced mother and educator I value structure as well as flexibility. I will help you plan, practice and prepare for childbirth and parenthood. I will offer resources to enhance your feelings of confidence in your choices. And then I will help you manage the changes and challenges that you will face as a natural part of the process of birth and parenthood.

Maggie Shapiro Haskett and I work together as birth and postpartum doulas. Maggie will be taking a leave from birth doula work until September 2007 but will continue with postpartum doula work during this time. To learn more about us and how we can help you have the birth experience you want, please visit our website.

Services / Skills

We offer a lending library, sibling support, postpartum care, nutrition counseling, relaxation/visualization help and breastfeeding support. Some Hebrew.


Early Childhood Education, Eastern Michigan University, Professional and Continuing Education in this field: Bradley class, natural childbirth class, DONA birth doula training, DONA postpartum doula training (January 2007).


I have over 20 years experience working with children and families: I worked in childcare for many years caring for infants through preschool age children. I also worked as a director of education in a supplementary school for over 10 years.

Births attended

Self 3, other 1, as doula 21.

Hannah can be reached at 608-334-4278/608-236-0364 or hbdoula@yahoo.com. Or view our website at allfourtrimesters.tripod.com.

Patsy Brooks

Patsy Brooks

All Four Trimesters Doula Service

Every mother deserves complete support and respect during childbirth. Every child deserves the very best beginning in life. My hope is that I can provide the encouragement, comfort, and advocacy so that the birth is joyful and empowers the mother in the life-long relationship with her child; and that the baby benefits from a healthy, peaceful birth experience.

I provide a facilitation role during labor and delivery based on the mother’s (and father’s) needs and desires. As a life-long educator, I have developed the ability to relate to a wide-range of people in a compassionate manner utilizing my communication and interaction skills.

Children give me hope for the future. If I can help support a mother in providing her child the best possible beginning in life — at birth — that is a calling I can’t resist. My passion is children. Whenever I have the chance I spend time with my two adult children, my ‘great’ nieces and nephews, and I volunteer at area pre-schools.

Services / Skills

Pre-natal and postpartum consultations; physical and mental support and comfort techniques for labor at home or hospital including relaxation, visualization, birth ball and others; initial breastfeeding assistance; breastfeeding and postpartum referrals; phone support; sibling support; lending library; photography.


Completion of the DONA doula childbirth training; member of Small Miracles Volunteer Doula Program; member of Doulas of South Central Wisconsin; masters degree in educational administration; bachelors degree in communication; high school teacher, college instructor, early childhood administrator; and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster children.

Births attended

Self 2, as doula 11.

Patsy can be reached at 608-345-0588 or patricia.brooks@tds.net. Or view our website at allfourtrimesters.tripod.com.

— September 26, 2007