Ruth Hoffman Hein

Ruth Hoffman Hein

Baby Daze Postpartum Doula Service

The focus of my postpartum doula service is “Mom”. I see my service as an extra pair of hands to do “whatever Mom feels needs to be done,” i.e. take care of the baby and siblings so Mom can sleep, take care of baby or siblings so Mom can have uninterrupted time with one or the other, help with laundry, meals, dishes and house-cleaning. Furthermore, my role is an educator and health advocate – if you have questions about your baby’s care or health care, your health or other family members health we can pursue information and resources together.


RN, BSN and 2000 DONA doula training course.


Thirty-three years as an RN; 30 years at Visiting Nurse Service including ten years of newborn visits; mother of 21 year old daughter.

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