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Emily Sanford

Emily Sanford, CLC

Birth and Beyond ~ Doula Services for the Childbearing Year

Childbirth is one of the most powerful experiences in the life of a family. Ever since I had my first child and learned first-hand how important, earth shaking and life changing having a baby is to a woman and to a family, I have wanted to help women feel comfortable, empowered and prepared for the childbirth experience. I believe that every woman deserves a safe and caring environment in which she is respected emotionally and physically. It would be my honor and complete joy to be a part of your team as you go through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and life with a new baby.

Services / Skills

Birth doula care, postpartum doula care, breastfeeding counseling, lending library. I work with Heidi Anderson and Cary Hellenbrand. Together we also provide childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, postpartum planning sessions and infant massage courses.


I attended DONA Birth Doula training in the Spring of 2005. I am currently in the process of completing my birth doula certification. In the Fall of 2005 I attended training by The Center for Breastfeeding and became a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. I am currently working on Childbirth Education Training and Certification through ALACE.

Births attended

Self, two; as Doula, 5.

Emily can be reached at 608-333-9313 or emily_nicar@yahoo.com. Or view our website at www.birth-and-beyond.org.

— August 10, 2007

Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller

I believe that giving birth can be a beautiful, spiritual and natural experience. I am deeply committed to assisting my clients to prepare for and experience birth as a positive and empowering event. Every woman has the right to be supported and nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually during the labor and birthing process, whether they have the resources or not. A doula’s presence at a birth provides the ultimate supportive care and advocacy for both mother and father.

In addition to doula work, I have a private counseling practice at the Alternative Therapy Center where I see clients for pain management, stress related issues and life transitions.


DONA Birth Doula training; Professional training in hypnosis for pain management and relaxation techniques; Basic Swedish Massage training; Master’s in Social Work; Bachelor’s in Psychology.


Over ten years of experience counseling women and families. In addition to my experience in coaching women through labor and birth, I also conduct private “hypno-birthing” sessions with birth clients that prepare them with deep relaxation skills for effective pain management tools during labor.

Births attended

Self, three; as Doula, 18.

Kirsten can be reached at 608-772-0969 or kirstenmiller@tds.net. Please find more information on her website: www.sacredlivingtherapy.com.

— September 19, 2007